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Google Devices: More than one listener with mulitple Google Home devices

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We have multiple Google devices (pucks), one in each of our daughters' rooms and the parent's room. The main hub /display is in our kitchen. We have a Pandora Family plan with four accounts linked to it: two adults and two children. Can I get a step-by-step instruction on how to link specific devices to specific Pandora accounts/emails? Right now, they all default to my Pandora account, and whatever each listens to changes my Pandora history. 

My two kids are set up with google account under mine. They have independent emails for their accounts, but I supervise their parent account. They are both under 18.  

Google is indicating I cannot assign their accounts to their devices. At a minimum, I would want to get the kitchen device to be played off her Pandora account and not mine. 

I have updated the Google home app and pandora app. And I have restarted the devices several times. I have removed my self from the google home account but it still somehow only stats link to my pandora email. I don't see anywhere that it asks you which account it should be link to. And in the google accounts I don't see anywhere I can confirm that the correct pandora email account are linked to the accounts? 

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Hi @Jasonpauer81 

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Each Google account holder can only link to one Pandora account at a time. If you have multiple listeners using multiple Google Home device, you'll want to make sure that you have a unique Google account affiliated with each user.

If you create these unique profiles on your Google Home, you'll be able to access the correct Pandora account by switching the Google account affiliated with your device.

You can find more information about this on Google Home Support page Share a home & devices in the Google Home app


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