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Oknyo: Unable to log in after factory reset

Local Performer

I was having some network issues with my Onkyo receiver.  Onkyo support had me execute a factory reset which erased by Pandora login info.

When I attempted to login to Pandora, it indicated a login error and to re-enter my login information.  I have checked my password manager and I am using the correct login information.  I tried twice more to login without success.

Something similar happened a couple of years ago with a different receiver.  Someone at Pandora had to reset something on the Pandora end.  NOTE:  I have two different Onkyo receivers at home - the TX-NR809 and a TX-NR7100 - that I use with Pandora (not simultaneously, obviously). 

Moderator Edit: Changing title for clarity

Please help.  The TX-NR809 is my music source in my workshop.

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Hi @normb 

Welcome to community!

Sorry to hear this is happening. Usually, a factory reset is one of my last recommendation with troubleshooting. So it's odd that you're running into this after on.

I do see a new long in from today, are you still having trouble logging in?

If you are I'm happy to remove your Onkyo connection from your Pandora account. Unfortunately, we aren't able to tell specific models. So if I remove the connection, it will be for both.

Let me know.

Tanner | Community Moderator

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