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Grace Digital - Playback stops/ Server connection error

Diamond in the Rough

Grace Radio, have Pandora Subscription.  After about an hour the music stops playing.  I talked to Grace Radio and they said it's a Pandora issue.  Can anyone advise me.  I am NOT listening on my computer, or any device other than my Grace Radio.  Thank you.

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Local Performer

Same issue here. As a network specialist in IT, I can say a lot of mysterious application behavior can be explained by inconsistent network connectivity, such as what you might get with TCP windowing on wireless connections due to many environmental factors such as distance from the access point. Some apps dont buffer well and crash. Or not enough data to stream will cause a stop in media playback while its transferring data. I'm not saying this isn't a software bug, or this will solve your problem, but I was having a similar issue with my grace radio and pandora, and in addition to a factory reset, I tried a hard wired connection with some success. I eventually placed an additional ceiling wireless access point in my kitchen where the radio was and that solved my issue.

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