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LG TV: Pandora won't load

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I have used Pandora on two LG TV's for the past year, recently they stopped working at all, but a couple of weeks ago they no longer showed the song playing, just the blue Pandora sign in screen on the TV's app, but music would play, I just couldn't choose or select anything. I deleted the apps on the LG43um7300AUE and LG75um8370AUD TV's and now nothing happens. I reloaded the Pandora app on the LG content store is from 7/08/2019 and version 10.0.11 I tried logging out of all devices from my Pandora account, but they both hang up on the blue screen with the Pandora in white letters, no way to finalize logging in any more and no music plays anymore. The TV's are connected via Ethernet cables to the router and modem and I am using a DPN (not VPN, I use Deeper Network). I have not changed any setups while this has happened. Very frustrating and if I can't get it to work I'm going to cancel my upcoming subscription.

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Hi @mrgadget256! Welcome to community. 👋

DPNs (Decentralized Private Networks) or decentralized VPNs are similar to VPNs, they use encrypted tunnels to route web traffic, but by doing this over a decentralized network, rather than centralized.

Since DPN settings and servers tend to shuffle more frequently, this may be causing the experience you mentioned with your LG TV not loading Pandora.

Unfortunately, using a DPN or VPN while trying to stream Pandora is not currently supported. We recommend checking if you can make an exception for Pandora in your DPN settings.

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