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LG55"TV poor sound quality

Local Performer

I have a new OLED55" LG tv hooked up to a surround sound system. When I use the tv app or connect my phone through the tv and play pandora, it seems like analog sound (no subwoofer). When I play movies, the receiver automatically picks up surround signals and plays sub. That being said I know its a "Stereo" signal, but I used to be able to play GREAT sound through old TV. Pandora play great in cars subwoofer and speakers as well. I have tried even playing from tv internet browser and same result. there has to be some setting I am missing. Any help would be appreciated. I will provide email if its too hard to troubleshoot here

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi, @ytsejam01. 👋

Thanks so much for posting about this. 

  • What internet / cable service provider do you use?
  • Also, how are you connected to your surround sound system?
  • Is this a bluetooth device? What is the make and model of your system / speakers?
  • Does this only happen with Pandora? Or, do you experience this with other TV apps?

Let me know. 🎧

Alyssa | Community Manager
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Hi Alyssa,

Internet is Metronet 500GB/down 100GB/up, dont think its the internet, as never had a problem before.

I have tried connecting the TV to the surround 2 ways. 1) optical out and 2) ARC connection.

The receiver has bluetooth capabilities but I never use it.

It happens with a couple of other apps like sling, primarily if the tv show was not originally broadcast in surround hd sound, sling does not change that. When it is broadcast in HD Surround sound, the receiver automatically picks up the signal and adjusts the settings accordingly. That is why i am wondering about pandora going through the TV because I never had the problem before. Also I have tried using the pandora app on the smart tv, pandora through the tv internet browser, and from my phone connected to tv with bluetooth. for some reason the sound comes through like you are sitting in a car from the 70's..bland.




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