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Listening to Playlists through DirecTV?

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i signed up for Pandora Premium so i could create a playlist and not be surprised by artists i didn't actually add to my stations (f'instance, the Pentatonix Station plays other artists as well; i just wanted Pentatonix!). But despite signing out and signing back in to the DirecTV Pandora app, i can't find my playlist to play it. How do i get to the playlists when listening through the DirecTV app?

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Hi @RobertLWasson

Sorry for any confusion about Pandora Radio. Pandora stations are designed to introduce you to new music through the artists and songs you already know. You can type in your favorite artist or song and music that is similar to your selection will play on your station.

While Pandora Premium allows you to listen to on-demand content such as albums, songs and the ability to create personal customized playlist. 

However, because individual manufacturers are usually responsible for the implementation of the Pandora application, some devices may lack Pandora Premium's features.

At this time, Pandora Premium is available on our website, as well as the devices listed here.

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Yeah - ya'll should really tell people that from the gitgo. The community would probably really appreciate that. 

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