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MacBook Pro won't connect to Sony Speaker

Local Performer

Cannot connect my Macpro to my Sony speaker to better hear Pandora.

mod edit: changing title for clarity

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Hi @JKL, thanks for posting on community!

Can you tell me more about what is happening?

  • What is the year and model number of the speaker?
  • Is the connection via Bluetooth?
    • If it's connected via Bluetooth, does it show that is has connected, but no sound comes through?
  • Do you receive any type of error message? If so, what does it say?
  • On your MacBook, are you using Pandora through the web or the desktop app?
    • If it's the web, which browser are you using?
    • If it's the desktop app, can you let me know which version you're running? (Let me know if you need help finding this)

Thanks for the help!

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Local Performer

I have the same problem.  The Sony Speaker is SRS-XB23.  I am using the browser Pandora. Safari running Mac OS Big Sur version 11.2.  The speaker shows connected but no sound comes through. No error message. Thanks for the help!

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