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Musical Content Drop-out

Local Performer

Pandora app is thru my smart TV; cable box wired to my stereo system.

PROBLEM: many songs, certain musical info such as background vocals or supporting instruments are very recessed, or absent altogether. I know the song tracks well and I’m certain the tracks are not intended to be mixed that way. I’ve become more aware of this phenomenon after an apparent software update by Pandora? 

Any explanation? Is this weird issue being addressed? 

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Hi @JoeStyx! Welcome to community.

I'm happy to report your experience to the appropriate team. Would you mind telling me a bit more information about your set-up and experience.

  • Is the Pandora app located on your Smart TV or through your cable box?
    • If the app is on your Smart TV, what is the make and model?
    • If the app is on your cable box, what is the make and model?
  • When connected to your stereo system, are you using a surround sound feature or additional audio features?
  • Have you tried any troubleshooting steps for your device? If so, can you let me know which steps you took?


Tanner | Community Moderator

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