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Pandora and Alexa Devices

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Spotify has an icon on its home page that lets you select which Alexa devices on which to play your music.  I have identified Upstairs (Echo and Echo Dot), Downstairs, (2nd Echo Dot), and Everywhere (all ).  I've set up the selected devices in the Alexa app and it doesn't seem to be tied only to Spotify; but Spotify has the specific icon to select the devices.  I was wondering if Pandora has something similar on it's site whereby you can direct on which speakers the music should play.  I have linked Pandora to Alexa.  

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Hi @RiverGirl!

Thanks for posting. While this is currently not a feature, this is a great idea for Pandora. There is currently a feature request: Control playback across devices

Feel free to comment and vote on this idea by tapping on the heart ❤️.

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Tanner | Community Moderator

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