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Pandora apps/play?

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So...I know Pandora since I listened for years w/o paying. I now have Pandora Premium. I'm older, but how am I supposed to be aware that music on the account (I can't hear it/nor do I know how this happened) prevents me from listening on my stereo system (this is where I want to listen to it). I have an app on my phone, and on my Roku....Thoughts?

Ex. I can play Pandora on my stereo from my phone (Sonos)...and when I turn on my TV Pandora is playing Crosby, STills, and Nash.(not on my stereo)..And I can't hear/ access it. Technology gone amok, I'd say.

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Hi @Hopsngrains! Thanks for posting to community. 

I see that you reached out to our User Support team via email as well and it looks like they responded. If you have further questions, feel free to respond directly to their email. 

If you'd prefer to post here, can you let me know some additional information about the device you're having trouble with?

  • What is the make and model?
  • What happens when you open Pandora?
  • Is there an error message (if yes, what exactly does it say)?


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