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Pandora stops in the middle of every song on all google speakers and displays.

Local Performer

I have had pandora for a decade now.  A month ago it started not playing the full song. Usually stops within three mins. Or reaches the end of a song and will not go to the next song. It happens when I cast, or ask directly for a station. I run pixel 4a 5g and it acts normally on that.

This only happens to pandora I also steam other subscribed accounts youtube music and Spotify with no problems

I have been on google with techs and the community for 2 weeks. Nothing can be found

No changes have been made to system

Router is functioning properly no issues there.

Google devices and apps have been rebooted, removed and reinstalled, settings checked. All updates are current. There are no setting in google that would cause this. As a timer 

Pandora has been deleted and reinstalled. Updated. No timers that i can see.

There is nothing left to consider. It's as if I am not receiving the stream correctly from the source.

I am at the point of just unsubscribing from this service which I love dearly. Help Pls

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