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Playback stops when using grouped devices

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I use Echo, Show, Spot, and Dot all at the same time in the house for years.  Suddenly yesterday all the songs are ending several minutes early.  I am accustomed to an occasional early cutoff near the end of a song.  My Wifi is running consistently at 50-120 Mbps right now and I live alone with no other streaming going on.  This happens regardless of whether I am surfing the web. I am not logged into Pandora  on the computer

I stopped playing and used my Firestick and all songs played in full.  After that the Amazon devices worked fine.  This morning they started ending early again.  Has anyone experienced this?

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Hi all!

Please help!  I have several devices in a group with our google nest minis.  Pandora plays great but stops playing randomly after a period of time.  We have pandora premium so does not appear to be the usual "are you still listening."  

something similar happened when we had amazon echo dot 3rd gen in speaker groups.  Any thoughts?

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Hi @pittpa and @baylorfan05! Thanks for posting.

Since you both have similar experiences with grouped devices (Alexa and Google) I thought I would merge both messages here. 

Can you let me know if the playback stops while only using one of the device. This will help determine if the problem may be the connection when using the grouping. 

Thanks for the help. Let me know. 

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I have Pandora Plus.

They all do it singly or as a group of 4 devices.  It never happened on my Iphone using cellular, which I use every day in the car. I have a 2-speed Xfinity Wi-fi router, which I rebooted the first night.  I'm checking it (Pandora) further today and it is fine. Next time it happens , I'll check both Wifi channels and make sure I-Heart-Radio and Amazon music are working without skips-they are OK at this time.

I'll reset the Amazon devices the next time it happens if need be. 

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Sounds good, @pittpa.

We'll keep an eye on this thread for any new messages/updates from you.

Adam | Community Moderator

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Hi, playback stops using any of the echo dots or google nest minis.  I'm not sure how to keep the stations going.  At my home, pandora premium plays on sonos all day long without difficulty but for some reason both the google devices and alexa devices cut off stations prematurely.  I know wifi is good and have also tried from pc as well as app on android.


I am currently having the same issue at the moment. Feed just drops




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