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Podcasts: Hearing advertisment through ad-free service

Local Performer

I have a Pandora premium subscription. I am still hearing ads when I play my podcasts on my smart speaker (this doesn't happen with my music stations). Pandora is my default audio player on my echo dot. I have taken several steps to try to remedy this including: 1) unplugging and replugging the device 2) linking and unlinking the account 3) logging out of and back into my account to ensure it's the right account 4) disabling and enabling the skill on the app. Please let me know how to fix this. 

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Hi @sea721 

Welcome to community!

Sorry for any confusion. Some podcasts on Pandora are pre-compressed audio files provided to us. So advertisements that appear in the original recording will still be heard.

Since these are not advertisements from Pandora, unfortunately, they cannot be removed or disabled, since we're unable to alter the recording.

Tanner | Community Moderator

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