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Sonos: Explicit content played with filter enabled

Local Performer

Hello, I've now had several instances where Pandora playing through my Sonos speakers plays explicit content songs noted with an "E" by the song title. I have my Pandora account set to not allow explicit content and have my Sonos account set up to not allow explicit content. Do you have an agreement set up with Sonos to filter explicit content or somehow make the Pandora setting work when playing through Sonos?  This is really a problem as I have young children.  Amazon Music and Spotify work when it's set not to allow explicit content. I'm going to end my Pandora subscription if there's no solution to this problem.

Clarence Johnson

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Hi @rastadawg11! Welcome to community. Sorry to hear this happened when connected to your Sonos.

I'm happy to pass this along to for further investigation, however, I'll need additional information.

Can you let me know the following info

  • When playing Pandora, was playback controlled through the Pandora app or Sonos app? If the Sonos app, are you using the S1 or S2 app?
  • If you were using the Pandora app, were you casting to your Sonos device?
  • What station did this happen on?
  • What was the artist?
  • Which song was it?
  • Were you able to give the song a Thumbs down?

Please note, it can also be confusing because we will swap the "clean" audio for the explicit version when the filter is turned on, but it will still show the album art of the original album (which may show as "explicit").

Thanks for the help!

Tanner | Community Moderator

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