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Sonos - Pandora will only repeat current song

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I have Pandora connected to sonos. With the most recent version of Pandora, whenever I swipe back and hit the circular arrow button to play a sone that's come before it now just restarts the current song it's on. No matter what song I'm on, if I hit the replay button it just restarts the CURRENT song that is already playing.  This problem goes away when I disconnect from Sonos.  The feature worked before this version, now is broken.

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Hi @newt! Thanks for posting. 

To clarify, are you using the Pandora app or the Sonos app to play Pandora on your Sonos?

Are you trying to replay a song found in a station, playlist or album? Are you in Shuffle mode when you try to replay the song. 

Can you do me a favor and show me a screenshot of an example song you're trying to replay. 


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I'm using the Pandora app to play on sonos.  I'll walk through the sequence and try to do a screen shot. 


1) I'm listening to a station, not on shuffle, just using your recommender algorithm to go from song to song.

2) I'm listening to a song, say "You and Your Friends." That song finishes.

3) Next the station is playing, "The Long Road." But I want to go back and hear, "You and Your Friends again." I swipe left to go back a song, and hit the little circular replay arrow. Pandora recognizes that I've asked it to do something, but instead of playing "You and your friends" it just restarts the song that's NOW playing, in this case "The Long Road."  


It doesn't matter if I swipe back 1 or more songs.  If I go back 2,3,n songs, hit replay, it always restarts the CURRENT song that is playing, not the one I want it to replay.  

Not sure how to do a screen shot since it requires multiple screens to cause the issue?