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TV Platforms: 100 track limit on playlist for Premium

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I have a specific large playlist (~130 songs) that I have been aggregating for a party.  I will eventually shorten it, but for now, I have noticed an unusual behavior.  All songs are listed on my Android phone and my Android tablet, my Chromebook, and on my desktop PC.  I planning on playing the list on shuffle mode on my Roku 3, which is hooked up to my family room audio system.  I noticed that the latest songs added to the list were not available.  When I checked, the latest Roku Pandora app only shows the first 100 songs.  Is this a bug or feature limitation?  Does any one else see this?  I realize this is a long list, but it plays fine except on the Roku.


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So I have 138 songs on my playlist. I have a Roku TV so therefore I downloaded the Pandora app on my Roku TV only for my playlist to only play 100 songs. I have been waiting for Pandora to get back to me with answers as to why I can't play all of the songs on my playlist and I have yet to hear anything back from them so I'm hoping somebody in this platform can assist me with help. I pay for premium package and I'm not getting premium service and I'm not going to lie it's pissing me off. I'm ready to cancel my subscription and I've been paying for premium package for several years now. I don't understand why I have to sit and wait for an answer and I'm still waiting for an answer I've literally emailed and try looking up a phone number to speak to someone to troubleshoot the issue and they keep saying that someone's going to email me and I'm still waiting for an email that I'm never receiving so please someone explain the shenanigans. 

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Hi @Mandar! Thanks for posting.

I moved your message over to an existing thread: TV Platforms: 100 Track Limit on Playlist on Premium

There is a 100 track limitation on TV platforms for Premium. I would recommend visiting our Feature Request board, from there you can post feedback or suggestions that you'd like to see on Pandora. 

Thanks for being part of community!

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