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URC: Ovation Fusion Solo server stops playing

Local Performer
  • I have a location that I have installed a Streaming Network Player, Ovation Fusion Research, on a dedicated segregated network 
  • The Pandora stations will play for a very intermittent amount of time. The station will play a random number of songs and for some odd reason will just stop playing. What I have captured is when it stops playing the song counter will go about 20 seconds passed where it should go and goes into some sort of abyss.  It is at that point where the system will just stop playing
  • As soon as I hit play again it will start playing and then randomly stop once again
  • Streaming Server was replaced
  • Network switch replaced 
  • Network settings were reviewed 
  • Tried several Pandora accounts 
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Hi @jlamm22! Welcome to community. 👋

Sounds like you're using an URC home automation device. Unfortunately, these devices are not supported by Pandora, however it may be possible to use a third-party integration, such as Alexa or Google Assistant to listen.

For steps on how to set this up, please reach out to URC Support.


Tanner | Community Moderator

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