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Using Shuffle with Google voice commands

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When I ask Google Assistant to shuffle my stations on my LG soundbar, it only gives me Thumbprint Radio. Is there a different command I should be using for Google Assistant, to get a regular shuffle of my selected stations?

My current workaround is just to open my shuffle on my phone, and cast it to my soundbar--but, I shouldn't have to do that. By the way, this is strictly a Google Assistant issue, Pandora works just fine with Amazon Alexa.

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Hi @Milomeningocele 

Unfortunately, there is a Google limitation that prevents users from being able to shuffle stations with Pandora via voice command. I recommend that you continue casting to your LG soundbar as a workaround. 

The best way to get ideas like this heard is by submitting a feature request. There you can search and vote for current feature requests, or submit a new one. 

Thanks for being part of community! 

Tanner | Community Moderator

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