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Wiim Devices: Hearing commericals with subscribed account

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I have a Pandora Plus account but I'm still hearing commercials. I am using the Pandora App inside of my new Wiim Audio Streamer. I'm logged into my Pandora Plus account I checked like 10 times. but still playing commercials. Please help

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Hi @MuzikHeaven 

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I checked your Pandora account and I do see that you're upgraded to a subscription of Pandora Plus. While Pandora doesn't support Wiim devices, you should still be able to use voice commands with a linked account through Amazon. If you're having trouble, I would try re-linking your Pandora account  through the Amazon Alexa app.  Unfortunately, since we don't official support Wiim devices we don't have additional troubleshooting steps to share. For further help please take a look at Wiim Device Support.

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