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Xfinity Devices - Using playlists

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I signed up for the pandora app thru Xfinity.  How do i move My Playlist onto the TV app? 

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Community Manager
Community Manager

@mich123 I moved your post over to the Other Devices space.

You should be able to access your playlists when streaming Pandora through Xfinity.

When you launch Pandora on your device, you may automatically be brought into the Now Playing page.

From here you can use the pause, play, back and skip buttons on your remote to move through your currently playing music. If you'd like to add a track to your collection or create a station based on it, tap the center or OK button on your remote.

If you'd prefer to listen to something different, access your Pandora Premium music collection under My Music.

On the left of the My Music page you'll find a menu of all the types of music you have in your collection, so that you can filter your view. Simply select Artists, Albums, Songs, Stations, or Playlists to sort your collection.

For now, each list will be sorted by the date you added it to your collection, except for your Artists (which are in alphabetical order) and your stations (which are sorted by most recently played).

Hope this helps!

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