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Pandora Music Edition: This or That β€ŒπŸŽΆβ€Œ


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  • Discovery Mode or My Station:  This... Discovery Mode
  • Add Variety or Replay: This... Add Variety
  • Festivals  or Concerts: Neither
  • Original or Live Version: This... Original 
  • Instrumental or Lyrics: This... Instrumental
  • Headphones or Speakers: That... Speakers
  • 80's or 90's: That... 90s
  • DJ or Band: That... Band
  • Genre Station or Playlists: This... Genre Station



Tanner | Community Moderator

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TannerPandora nicely done. I love your reply. You have a great weekend. Take care and stay safe. I will be jammin this weekend to my Pandora music, while my brother in-law and I finish up with my mud room.

 tenor (1).gif


Opening Act
  • Discovery Mode or My Station: Discovery Mode
  • Add Variety or Replay: Replay
  • Festivals or Concerts: Festivals (pre-COVID)
  • Original or Live Version: Original 
  • Instrumental or Lyrics: Lyrics
  • Headphones or Speakers: Headphones (I love my Airpods)
  • 80's or 90's: 90’s all day
  • DJ or Band: DJ
  • Genre Station or Playlists: Playlists

Opening Act

My Station

REEEEEPLAAAYYYY (If i had replays, i would repeat My Boo [Hitman's Remix] till my ears came off)








The Force is with us.

Opening Act

Lyrics all muffled because the band members be wearin' masks at the festival... Whatever it takes to stay safe.

The Force is with us.

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  • Discovery Mode or My Station - My choice: Discovery Mode
  • Add Variety or Replay               - My choice: Add Variety
  • Festivals or Concerts                 - My choice: Festivals 
  • Original or Live Version             - My choice: Original
  • Instrumental or Lyrics                - My choice: I enjoy both, the reason I enjoy both is for my love of the bagpipes. Most bagpipe music are without lyrics. 


  • Headphones or Speakers           - My choice without doubt speakers.
  • 80's or 90's                                 - My choice is both. My reason for choosing both is here. My favorite song in the 1980's - . My favorite song in the 1990's as well as even today. . 
  • DJ or Band                                  - My choice: DJ. They have the ability to play upon request.
  • Genre Stations or Playlist            - My choice: Playlist (Only if I am the one who made the playlist) other wise I would have to choose genre stations. Thank you Pandora this was interesting as well as fun. Take care and stay safe  
  • P.S If you do not think Bagpipes are cool, then listen to this by the BADPIPER. . Later, all.  


Discovery Mode or My Station: My Station! πŸŽ€ [I've crafted my stations the way I like them, if I use a mode it's usually Artist Only or Crowd Faves]

Add Variety or Replay: Replay πŸ”‚  [Most times, I like to replay new songs if I like them a lot]

Festivals or Concerts: Festivals  🎑  [My last festival was Coachella 2018 🐝 when Beyonce' headlined. I have a group of really good friends that live in different states, and we went to Coachella from 2014-2018.]

Original or Live Version: Original always πŸ₯ 

Instrumental or Lyrics: Instrumental 🎢 [Most of the tunes I listen to have very little vocals. I go back and forth between instrumental and lyrics. As I type this, I'm listening to "Fruitful (Maliyah's Theme)" by Sango but up next is YOU'RE THE ONE by KAYTRANADA featuring Syd 🎢

Headphones or Speakers: Headphones 🎧 [I usually listen to music or podcasts while I work. Since many folks are remote these days, I use headphones so I don't bother my husband while he's working from home too.]

80's or 90's: 90’s πŸ’ƒ  

DJ or Band: DJ πŸ’Ώ 

Genre Stations or Playlists: Genre Stations πŸ”Š [Current favorite genre station is Future Soul Radio]

P.S. @MOHLovesAlaska Updated with more details for ya!

Alyssa | Community Moderator

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AlyssaPandora, good morning to you, as well as good day. I must be honest Alyssa. I really thought your response to this nice little music challenge, would of had more of a flare in your answers. Alyssa, you have a great day, as well as a great week. Take care and stay safe. 


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AlyssaPandora  nicely done. I love the depth that you gave for each choice. Nicely done, very interesting as well. Thank you for sharing. You as well as your husband, take care and stay safe. Thanks again.