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“Hey, Pandora!” New Voice Mode Smart Assistant


Voice Mode – Pandora’s incredibly smart new personalized voice assistant – is available to all Pandora mobile app users on iOS and Android across all tiers of service.

Now, all users can control the Pandora app, enjoy new music and podcast discovery, and customize their personal audio entertainment experience hands-free with just the sound of their voice in a completely natural and conversational way – like talking with a friend who knows your tastes inside and out.


Picture this: you wake up in the morning and need some beats to get you out of bed, but something on the gentle side until you get that first cup of coffee:

“Hey, Pandora: play some music to start my day.”

Oh yeah, you really love that song.

“Hey, Pandora: play more like this.”

Oooooh, you love this one even more. You’re going to want to play that again later.

“Hey Pandora: add this to my slow jams playlist.”

Now you’re in the car headed to work. Ugh, traffic. A little laughter always helps pass the time.

“Hey, Pandora: play the latest Kevin Hart podcast.”

Hysterical! Now you’re at work. Fortunately, the boss is vacationing in Aruba, so you can leave early and go to the gym.

“Hey, Pandora: play something for my workout.”

Remember that second scoop of Chunky Monkey you had last night?

“Hey, Pandora: play something in Beast Mode.”

Then back to the car. What was that awesome new song you just heard playing at the gym?

“Hey, Pandora: play the song that goes ‘Snakes and stones never break my bones.’”

That’s Taylor Swift’s new song, “You Need to Calm Down.” We all got crowns!

Now you’re back home – time to whip up a batch of your famous chicken enchiladas.

“Hey, Pandora: play something happy for cooking.”

Hey, that’s perfect.

“Hey, Pandora: what song is this?”

Oh yeah, that is totally your enchilada-cooking jam.

“Hey, Pandora: turn it all the way up!”

Whoops, sorry neighbors. Let’s bring it down and get some rest so you can wake up to a new day of great music discoveries tomorrow!

“Hey, Pandora: play some relaxing music for sleeping.”



To activate Voice Mode on the Pandora app, just tap the microphone icon in the search bar at the upper-right of your screen to get started. Once you’ve enabled Voice Mode, just say the wake phrase “Hey, Pandora” followed by a voice command, and Pandora will play just the right song, album, playlist, station or podcast for you, for any moment or mood, wherever you are.

For more information about using Voice Mode, click here.


I do not have the microphone icon on my Android Samsung Note 9 phone.  Is this not on Android phones yet?

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Try tapping on the magnifying glass.  Click on the link above for help

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Tried that.  Still no microphone.

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I also have an Andriod and there was no microphone. I had to do the following: 1) In App Permissions, grant Pandora access to the Microphone 2) In Pandora Settings, under Voice Assistant, enable 'Listen for "Hey Pandora"' 3) Just say "Hey Pandora" while Pandora is running. I restarted the app and the phone but still no microphone icon until I say something; then it takes over the whole screen. Good luck! I think this is a cool feature, but seems limited since it only works on my phone when the Pandora app is already running. I usually use the Google Home assistant or the Android Auto app when driving. I think this would be most useful when using the app with a Bluetooth speaker but if it can be integrated with the Google Assistant that would be even better.

Hmmm..  I enabled the microphone in app permissions, but I still don't see the Voice Assistant in the Pandora settings.  I even tried rebooting my phone, but with no luck.  I checked and I have the latest version in the play store, so I don't know what the issue is.  Do you have any other permissions granted in App Permissions?

I would really like to use this feature since Pandora is integrated with Waze, it would be nice to use it handsfree when driving.  Maybe I'll give the app a little bit to see if it just needs to populate the Voice Assistant in the Setting menu,


@ManWithJoeName Our support team has reached out to you via email, to the email address your Pandora account is registered under. 

Hope we continue to see you around the community! 


@AdamPandora   Thanks for the info.  Apparently the Pandora Voice Mode is still being rolled out and is not available to everyone.  Hopefully we will all get that feature soon!


Latest update;  I started Pandora yesterday and it had a new interface with buttons for Browse, My Collection, Search, and Profile.  When I clicked on Search, it now shows the microphone in the top left. clicking it enabled the new Hey Pandora feature, it so far it seems to be working.

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I have the same issue. Nothing I do enables the microphone or Voice Assistant in the settings menu! If this feature is still rolling out, the documentation needs to be updated. That would save users a lot of frustration & time.

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Have a paid subscription to Pandora and have enabled voice on my Samsung 7 phone.  Pandora voice works with just the phone, but will not work while connected to my car's Android Auto?  Is this feature not available?  That would be a shame if Voice does not work with Android Auto.  Would really limit 'hands free'.  I also use Waze.  Any idea how I can get Voice to work in my car with Android Auto enabled???  Have enabled all features in S7 phone, still no Voice with Android Auto.  Thanks...  Ron, paid user....

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