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Ad Feedback - Not Receiving Ad Free Uninterrupted Hour


Anyone else notice that watching a commercial to get an hour only skips one commercial? But if you don't watch it you get three effing commercials!!!!! 

Like, dude, how weak is your brain?

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@BenK3L3VR4 Thanks for writing in and sorry for any trouble.

Once the sponsored ad activity has been completed, a bar should appear across your screen indicating the advertiser who is providing the free hour. You can (X) out of any additional visuals. Although the bar indicator is a visual ad, there should be no other video or audio ads during that time.

Keep in mind also that when you engage in an hour of uninterrupted listening through an offer by one of our advertisers, the hour expires one hour from the time you accepted the offer, regardless of how much you listened during that hour.

If you still feel that you did not receive the hour of ad-free music you were promised, could you provide some more information about your experience?

  • What was the ad for? Do you remember the brand, product, event or website name?
  • How were you accessing Pandora when you received the offer? If on a mobile phone, iPhone or Android?
  • Which of your station(s) did you hear/see it on?
  • What time of day did you receive the offer?
  • Did the ad ask you to watch a video, swipe through a gallery of photos, or rotate an image?
  • After doing the activity, did you hear a voice say "your uninterrupted listening starts now" or did you see a black bar saying "Uninterrupted Listening" appear above your album art?

Thanks for your help with this!

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