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Ad Feedback - Repetitive Ads

Local Performer

Pandora please, cancel your Tide ad "coffee stain on my white shirt"

It is the most irritating ad I have ever heard in my life, I can't believe how ubiquitous it is in my car, on TV, and the internet.  Literally told my wife to stop buying Tide products because of it, and change channels to try to avoid that corny frustrating advert.  The actor/singer in it should be ashamed.

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Local Performer

The advertisements for Downy rinse a& refresh and Olay body wash are so bad I actually make an effort to mute the sound when they come on.


I've gotten pretty fast to mute the: Gain Flings ad with the weasal 'male' voice talking about not knowing if the lady or the man is his soulmate, the BackStreetBoys Downey Rinse and Refresh acapella that is SOOOO obnoxious.  Pandora is unfairly trying to push me to subscribe and I'm so put out by these 2 TERRIBLE AND AGGRAVATING commercials every 15m that now on just PRINCIPLE I won't subscribe!!!  Pandora has shown they don't give a flip about me REPEATEDLY now!!!

Local Performer

I work in a small design studio with 5 designers and we listen to pandora through the day. No one cares about the commercials… except the one is SO so so bad and on constant repetition. I think it gets played more than music. We made a “no pandora” pact and bought a Spotify subscription. 
I have pandora on my Sonos at home but the downy commercial is so repetitive here too. I came on to see if I could specify type of ads or add some variety to them (again I don’t mind them). From all the responses it looks like they just push the paid subscription. 
I know it’s irrational but this commercial actually makes me not like Pandora itself… I just bought a year of Apple Music. 

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Local Performer

I would like a certain Ad to no longer be played on my pandora. It’s about having a baby, I had a miscarriage last year and it’s triggering for me. I can’t seem to find a button to report or move the ad. It’s making me not want to use pandora.

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That commercial makes me cringe. I lower the sound when it comes on. Why would anyone in marketing think it's good?

I'm done with Pandora mainly because of this.

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Local Performer

Please stop playing the disturbing "smushy butt" commercial. It's the worst.