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Ad Feedback - Too many ads


Pandora loses listeners due to the constant ads i mean i paid for the service once and made a mistake and emptied my bank account before pandora pulled their payment out and it bounced the **ahem** out of my account so i cancelled but i like pandora i listen to it daily but what i noticed is it's like they are pushing subscriptions by adding more and more ads and what i mean is this morning i turned it on to get ready to leave and i logged on to a ad but oh well who cares right an after a song started i was like ok cool then after 1 song i get 2 more ads now that's 3 ads in a 7min period and then i got more music but after 2 song's i get 2 more ads so now it's gotten to the point that it's out of control and soon i will be changing platforms now don't get me wrong i don't want to leave but when there are more ads then music itself it's time to leave but i will stick around longer till i get completely fed up


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There's a reason why I went from using this service daily down to only once or twice a month. I get hit with 2 ads after every other song--sometimes after even one song--without even skipping. Nice try Pandora, this isn't going to make me pay for a subscription. I'd rather use Spotify with less time wasted on ads.

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Thank you AdamPandora,

I recently noticed a TON of ads, almost a one to one ratio with music. after reading your feed back I realized the why.
I've recently started shuffling stations because I'm, hopefully, training thumbprint radio to several artists I've recently discovered.

one bit of feedback; because changing stations triggers more ads a disclaimer pop up the first time a person selects "shuffle stations" in, say a month, would be very advantageous.
Several day I've been force closing Pandora on my phone because of 2 ads, 1 song, 2 ads, and if I'd know that it was because of shuffling stations I'd have just stuck with one station at a time.

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Yep, same. Song, commercial, song, commercial. Jesus. Right now I'm streaming it via the "app" on my LG TV. Watching it skip two or three excellent songs then commercial. Song, skip two or three, commercial...repeat.

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I having been using Pandora for at least 10 years.  For many of those years I was a subscriber and paid a monthly fee for the app and the music.  At some point I found that I needed to cancel my subscription because of financial issues.  I continued to log on with my same user name but only with the free version.  I kid you not..... I would swear that I am being punished for canceling my subscription by having ads playing every 3 or 4 songs.  My husband, who has never subscribed, does not have the same experience.  He said he rarely gets any ads.  Is there some weird algorithm that I have fallen into that makes me have double or triple the ads as anyone else? I may create a whole new persona just to see if new users get as many ads as ex-subscribers.  I can't imagine that if you were a new user and had as many ads as a radio station that you would continue using the service.  What would be the point?   Aargh.  Okay, rant over.

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I'm writing in 2021 (March), and oh my goodness, the ads have gotten so bad and often that I'm thinking of finding another music site.  Pandora makes money off the advertisers, I doubt they have to increase the advertisements like they have.  I counted at times maybe 2 songs between advertisements.  Bad, bad, bad, going to cause loss of customers.

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Yeah I loved Pandora for years, but recently I can't cough without an ad popping up. Uninstalled.

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How can you say that with a straight face? I have been attempting to read at my desk while listening to a Bach station which generally helps me focus. The max for the past hour has been two songs before jarring my concentration away with a loud advert. It is absolutely abysmal compared to how great Pandora used to be. 

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