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Charged a day early

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My subscription was billed yesterday the 31st and pulled from my bank account with no money overdrafting my account. Renewal date said 1st and my paycheck was coming overnight directly in my bank at 3am as it did on the 1st. Had i known, i clearly- to avoid this issue i am WILD over- would have been sure to set up protection from it happening to overdraft me. Why did it come out 31st when saying renewal date 1st? This should be rectified as far as I am concerned and I am LESS than impressed.


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@Amylynn33 I'm happy to explain that additional charge you're seeing.

Google Play implemented a policy where subscription payments can be authorized up to 72 hours early, in order to ensure there's a balance in your payment account. That's why you're seeing an additional charge.

Despite this policy change, your payment should remain pending until your typical due date.

Unfortunately, there's no way for us to affect this policy since it is administered by Google Play, and we don't have full access to the Google Play billing system.

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Adam | Community Moderator

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