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Family members not automatically added when resubscribing to Premium Family

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My credit card is good but Pandora says 2 months in a row now that it's expired and asked me to renew my account, which I did. But when I logged back into my shared family plan I show now playlists and no family members listed where as before I had 4 members and lots of playlists.

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@mjefferson96 Nice to see you around the Community.

Family members not added back after resubscribing:

Unfortunately, when your account downgrades back to the free service, you will need to manually re-invite all of your family members back to your plan after resubscribing.

From what I saw, only 3 people ever joined your previous plan - I went ahead and added them back to the plan for you, so they should now be good to go.

If there is a fourth person that also needs to get added, you can send them another email them another, which they will then need to accept.

Check out the accepted solution this thread for instructions on how to invite others to your plan: Adding member to Family Plan


Missing playlists:

I took a look at your account and was able to view all of your playlists:

Screen Shot 2022-02-08 at 7.17.18 AM.png

Can you please send me a screenshot of what you are seeing on your end?

Thanks for working with me on this. 🤝

Adam | Community Moderator

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