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Lost playlists when switching from Premium to Plus

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My subscription was cancelled because I recently got a new card and forgot to the new info for the card. After it was cancelled I put in my new info in and resumed my subscription but now my Pandora looks all different, and I have ads plus all my playlists are gone.


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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, @Korven. 👋

I moved your post over to the Subscription space in order to keep the community organized.

Our User Support team has taken a look at your account history, and it appears that you were upgraded to Premium through Google Play in the past. The Premium subscription expired on 05/09/2020. On 05/13/2020, you upgraded to a monthly Pandora Plus subscription through the Apple billing system from an iOS device. 


Pandora Plus and Premium Subscriptions 🎶

With Pandora Plus, listeners have:

  • Ad-free music;

  • Unlimited skips;

  • The ability to replay songs;

  • The option to download radio stations for offline listening.

A Pandora Plus subscription is $4.99 USD monthly or $54.89 annually.*

On the other hand, Pandora Premium subscribers receive all the same benefits, as well as on-demand control.

So Pandora Premium subscribers can:

  • Listen to songs or albums on-demand;

  • Create custom playlists;

  • Download songs, albums or playlists for offline listening;

  • Access Higher Quality Audio;

  • Queue content to keep the music playing.

A Pandora Premium is $9.99 USD monthly or $109.89 annually when purchased directly through Pandora. Since you're upgraded through Apple, the monthly Pandora Premium subscription would be $12.99/monthly (plus tax if applicable). Because Apple charges additional transactional fees, Pandora Premium subscriptions purchased through Apple are more expensive ($12.99/monthly) than Pandora Premium subscriptions purchased directly through Pandora ($9.99/monthly).*

*Please note that additional taxes may apply to these subscription costs, depending on your area.



If you're already subscribed to a subscription through Apple and you'd like to change how much you pay for Pandora Premium. You'll just need to cancel your subscription through Apple, wait for it to expire, and resubscribe directly through Pandora. If you need further assistance with this, I'm happy to create an email support case to help with your subscription options.

Just let me know by replying directly to this thread. 👍

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