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Pandora For a Class Reunion? Do you need a special License?

Local Performer

We are thinking of playing Pandora at a class reunion of 100 and some people do we need a special license or anything?

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@davidpwalther  here is the person you need to contact. @ErickPandora, click on his link and message him about this. He will point you in the right direction. Take care and stay safe. 


Community Manager
Community Manager

@davidpwalther Nice to see you around the Community. 👋🏽

As a general rule, any time you play music in a public place you must have the proper licenses and pay the required royalties. Pandora operates under a statutory license available in the US Copyright Code. Any enterprise outside of personal, individual use requires a type of license that Pandora can only provide through its partner, Mood Media.

For example, employees can sit at their desks and listen to Pandora Plus through their individual accounts on their computers or mobile devices, but if you are playing a single stream over speakers in a workplace, you can only do so legally through the Mood Media service.

To learn more about this or to sign up, please visit here.

Hope this helps clarify. Let me know if you have any other questions.