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Pandora Plan FAQs (Unofficial)


Alright, I see a lot of questions about ads on Pandora when you pay. Here are a few answers to the most common questions. Note, this is not official.

Ads when I play on-demand music: Applies to Pandora Free, Pandora Plus When you use Pandora without a Premium subscription, you have access to unlimited radio stations. As a Plus subscriber, you remove ads from all stations. If you are not a Premium subscriber, listening to an on-demand song search & play, a Pandora Premium trial will be activated. Fear not! This will not charge your credit card. This free session is sponsored by the ad you listen to. If you wish to remove ads for search and play, visit Pandora Upgrade


Un-wanted Artist Messages: Applies to Pandora Free, Pandora Plus, Pandora Premium You are listening to a song. Then it ends. Then you get a message. You might think it's an ad. If you have Pandora Plus or Premium, you might get mad. If you are on Pandora Free, it might be, but otherwise, it's an artist's message. Pandora gives users access to messages from the recording artist of the song. Some users thought might not want this. You can disable it in your settings page.


Pandora Premium vs. Plus: Applies to Pandora Plus, Pandora Premium So, you've decided, you want to join Pandora. Welcome! You've also decided you want to subscribe. Great! But you don't know which one you wish to subscribe to. They look pretty similar on the comparison page, but they are not. Pandora Premium is similar to Spotify Premium, and Apple Music. You'll get unlimited access to search & play, and ad-free stations. Pandora Plus though is about half the price, but you'll only enjoy ad-free stations. Fear not! If you are on Pandora Plus and you really want that search & play feature, you can listen to an ad to unlock a free trial session of Pandora Premium. You can do that unlimited times.


Pandora Free Limitations: Applies to Pandora Free Pandora Free is a great way to get to know Pandora! You'll get access to unlimited stations, but with a few limitations. First of all, you won't be able to create playlists. You'll be able to listen to unlimited radio, but you can't create stations. Secondly, you won't get ad-free stations. You'll have to listen to ads with your stations. The last one is no search & play. This can be solved with a Premium Trial, as described above.


Hope this helped,


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