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Tide Ad Served to Paying Member

Local Performer

Here to pose a question and to share info.

Around 3pm PST today I was served a pretty lame Tide ad.  I've been a paying member for at least 7 years.  Not only did I not expect to get an ad in the first place, but one from Tide?  Wtf was that?  

Was that served in error?  Anyone else reporting this?  Am I missing something? 

So weird, like you know?  Anyone out there who could please help and shed light on this?

Oh crap.  It just happened again 30 minutes later.  The ad is absolutely intrusive and distrubing.  

Thank you!

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Hi @paiduser  I checked the email associated with your community account and see that it isn't currently upgraded to a paid subscription. Could your Pandora account be under another email address?

I've gone ahead and contacted our user support team so that they can take a closer look at your account. Please be on the look out for their email.

Thanks for posting to community! 🎧