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Use Google Play gift card as payment method

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I am extremely frustrated because I my Pandora Premium Trial period is soon ending and I decided I wanted to extend it but, but it won't accept my Primary Payment Method... I'm worried I may have to Uninstall  this App now... 

I received a Google Play Gift Card for my birthday and aimed to apply it toward my Pandora Account. However, there is no option when selecting a Payment Method for a Google Play Gift Card...

Is there a way to transfer my gift card money on to my regular Visa? Or how can this gift card money be applied to Pandora? Do I have to Uninstall the my entire collection and start over through Google Play?... 

I am confused and angry. Music is my phone's main attraction, and I need an App I can apply this gift card to. I am disappointed in Pandora and may just switch Apps if this issue can't be resolved. I will pick a new Musical Streaming App is Necessary; is there one that accepts a gift card as Payment Method?... I'm confused if you can't tell and quite irritated at the inconvenience; I didn't want 

Is there anything I can do to save my Vast Musical Library with this method?



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@PandorasBox13 Nice to see you around the Community. 👋🏽

How to use Google Play gift card as a payment option:

To begin, it looks like your account is currently signed up for a 90-day trial to Pandora Premium directly through Pandora.

While we do not accept Google Play gift cards as a form of payment, you may be able to use that gift card if you cancel your subscription through Pandora, and instead upgrade through Google Play. 

You'll need to contact the Google Play support team for more confirmation on this though.

You can get in touch with the Google Play support team here.


What happens to your collection when switching from direct-billed to Google Play:

If you choose to go this route, when you downgrade from Pandora Premium to ad-supported Pandora, you will not be able to access your on-demand music collection or custom playlists.

However, your collection and playback history will be stored in our servers for whenever you resubscribe through Google Play.

Hope this helps!


Adam | Community Moderator

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