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Apple Watch Series 3: Unable to Listen Offline

Local Performer

The offline listing without the iPhone nearby doesn't work it either starts and quits or never starts at all.  Updated to the newest Apple Watch OS 8 and still the same thing. What gives?


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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi there, @WallaceVanHalen. 👋

Thanks for letting us know about your experience with offline listening on your Apple watch device.

First, you'll need to keep your offline content downloaded on your iPhone within the Pandora app.

Looks like you're upgraded to Plus. For Pandora Plus subscribers, we will automatically add your three most-listened-to stations along with Thumbprint Radio to your Apple Watch (as long as there is enough space available). Unfortunately, you won't be able to select or edit which stations are downloaded.

To make offline content available on the Pandora app for your Apple Watch you must:

  • Download your offline content to the Pandora app on your iPhone
  • Ensure your iPhone and Apple Watch are paired through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth
  • Allow Pandora to refresh in the background (Go to Watch app on iPhone then General > Background App Refresh)
  • Dock your Apple Watch on its charger to speed up downloading

When listening offline from your watch, be sure to use thumbs. Your offline content will automatically sync with your iPhone when your watch is charging and any thumbs you've provided will be recorded.

Please note: If your offline content is removed from the Pandora app on your phone, it will be automatically removed from your Apple Watch.


Is it possible that this might be happening because there is not enough storage on your Apple Watch?

  • To check how much space is available on your Apple Watch, from your iPhone go to the Watch app then General > About > AvailableLet me know what you see.

If it doesn't appear to be storage related, let's try reseting the download process on your Apple Watch:

  • Power off and restart your iPhone and Apple Watch.
  • Confirm your iPhone and Apple Watch are connected via Bluetooth and to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Allow Pandora to refresh in background (Watch app on iPhone > General > Background App Refresh).
  • Dock your Apple Watch on its charger.

If the issue continues after waiting some time for the download process to begin, delete the app from your Apple Watch and then reinstall.

Let me know how it goes. 🎧

Alyssa | Community Manager
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