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Apple Watch: Shuffling Stations

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I just recently purchased an Apple Watch 9 with cellular. I want to listen to Pandora at the gym and leave my iPhone at home. I currently have a Pandora Plus subscription. I am unable to shuffle my stations. Can this only be done with a Pandora Premium subscription? I wanted to get an update as the old posts on this issue are now three years old. 

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Hi @Sajeet Welcome to community.

Unfortunately, the ability to shuffle stations while directly streaming from Apple Watch is not currently a feature for any subscription level.

If your phone is connected to your Apple Watch, then you should have a Shuffle Station option available. Though, I know you mentioned wanting to leave your phone at home.

There may be an option to shuffle downloaded content on your Apple Watch. As a Plus subscriber, your three most-listened to station, along with your Thumbprint Radio can be downloaded to your watch, as long as there is enough space.

If you're not seeing any offline content, here are some helpful steps to force the downloads. Unfortunately, we rely on Apple's algorithm to decide when it's a good time to transfer content.

For the best results, give these steps a try:

  1. Make sure your offline content is available on the Pandora app on your iPhone.
  2. Ensure your iPhone and Apple Watch are paired through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth
  3. Allow Pandora to refresh in the background (Go to the Watch app on your iPhone and then General > Background App Refresh)
  4. Dock your Apple Watch on its charger to speed up downloading. (I've also found that it can be best to charge your iPhone next to your Apple Watch with Pandora in the foreground.)

If you have offline content already downloaded on your Watch. You can use these steps to shuffle:

  • Open Pandora on your Apple Watch
  • From the main menu, scroll down and tap on ‘Playing from…’
  • Select playing music from ‘Watch’
  • Return to the main menu and select Downloads
  • Select Shuffle All

Hope this was helpful!



Tanner | Community Moderator

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