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Help with downloading for offline mode

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I've been having a lot of trouble downloading one of my playlists. I've tried resetting all my downloads, but they never download past the little green icon with the swirly arrows. How long should it take for a download to complete? Does it depend on the size of the playlist? The playlist in question is 300+ songs.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi, @hannahsmom4050. 👋

Thanks so much for posting about this.

Looks like you're a Plus subscriber. I do see that you've enabled the complimentary sessions of Premium. However, these sessions are limited and you wouldn't be able to listen to your playlist offline continuously.

At this time, Pandora Plus listeners cannot add, delete or swap out which stations will be available for offline listening. Alternatively, you may consider upgrading to Pandora Premium which allows subscribers to download any station, playlist, album or song in their collection for offline listening. Since this is only an option with Premium, this explains why you're having trouble - as your complimentary session ends before you can actually download.

I've also taken a look at your Pandora account, and you're eligible for a longer Premium trial at no additional cost. Would you be interested in this option? If so, please let me know in your next post. I can sent over an email to you directly with more information about your Pandora account eligibility. 

Hope this info is helpful. I look forward to hearing back! 🎧


Alyssa | Community Manager
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