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My iPhone connection to Pandora just quits randomly

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Day or night at random intervals my Pandora connection just quits , even while I am stationary.  ? Any ideas or recent reports like mine to explain what I am experiencing?

I have uninstalled, reinstalled on my iPhone 11. I’ve checked help for possible reasons at Pandora Community. When inside (home wifi) and outside (home &/or cellular wifi) Pandora wifi connection randomly and frequently drops or fails, but can be restarted after it fails. Sometimes it plays flawlessly, but often fails when I am outside. Air pods fail at point wifi & app fail. Wired ear pods seem unfazed and wifi connection seems to remain stable for them. Apple cuold not help with question so far.

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Hi @mkelley763 

Welcome to community! Sorry to hear you're having trouble with Pandora.

To better understand your experience, I have a few follow up questions about your issue. When you say Pandora quits, does the Pandora app crash, does playback stop or does the app appear to freeze?

When this happens, are you transitioning away from your WiFi connection to a cellular connection or vice versa?

Finally, are you able to resume playback by simple tapping the play button or do you need to restart the app?

Thanks for the help!

Tanner | Community Moderator

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