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iOS: Downloading Older Version of App

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I have a 5th gen iPod that I have used Pandora on since day one. Lately, I've started having issues with Pandora suddenlink stopping and having to be restarted and sometimes the iPod itself had to he restarted. I have deleted the app and reinstalled with no change. I uninstalled the app last night and went to reinstall and I get an error message saying Pandora Music is not compatible with this iPod. I don't understand this issue. Someone please help!


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GREAT, it worked for my ipad with ios 9.xx

IT WORKED.. Pop-up asked if I wanted the last compatible version, downloaded, logged in and pandora is playing again.  My original must have been corrupted somehow.

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I have an IPAD Mini 2 device

and it keeps stopping when trying to play pandora.

I am reading pandora requires IOS 13 or 14 and higher.  

My device max software is 12.5.7.  How can I get a pandora version

for my iPad.  I really don't want to have to buy another device.




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Community Manager

Hi, @downerssandclub. 👋

Thanks for posting about this. To keep everything organized, I moved your post over to this existing thread: iOS: Downloading Older Version of App

The accepted solution for this thread can be found in my post here - but you can also check out @Kaptinn's post about this here for a possible workaround.

If that doesn't help, please check out our message about Pandora on older devices here.

If you'd like to see the ability to download older / previous versions of Pandora, feel free to check out: Feature Request: iOS - Download previous versions of Pandora

  • To upvote this idea, click on the 💙 icon to express your interest in seeing this option implemented.
  • For more details on how feature suggestions work in the Pandora Community, check out our Feature Request Policy + FAQs

Hope this helps. 🎧

Alyssa | Community Manager
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Ran into the same problem with older iPhones (4, 4s).

Solution: find older Pandora .ipa file and, while connected to iTunes, drag and drop onto iPhone/ipod icon. Boom! Done! It works!

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