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iOS: HomePod says “To do that...”


I love being able to listen to Pandora on my Apple HomePod. However, after a couple of days of functionality I will say to Siri play my station on Pandora and it will respond “to do that go to the Pandora app and activate HomePod in the settings.” When I go to the settings in my Pandora app and try to connect with HomePod it will say either having trouble linking my account please check back later, or it will say please in sure that you were logged in on your Pandora app. I have confirmed that I am always logged in on my Pandora app. Has anyone else noticed this? Has anyone found a solution?

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Happy to hear things are back up and running again, @Jthuso😎

Enjoy the music!

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I guess I spoke too soon.  It only worked the one time.  Now it’s gone back to doing the same thing again.  I tried again twice, removing and reconnecting Pandora from my Home on my IOS devices and rebooting my HomePod Mini.  When I ask Siri on my HomePod to play Pandora, it just goes back to saying “To do that …”.☹️

I reinstalled the latest software update for my HomePod mini and now it’s working again.  Tried multiple times and so far so good.  I’ll  keep my fingers crossed.  🙂

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