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iOS: My Station only plays "Thumbs Up" on iphone

Local Performer

Pandora only plays "Thumbs Up" version of my stations. No new song suggestions from Pandora and no ability to add new songs. This issue is with my iphone, which is what I primarily use with Pandora. Lab top computer version of Pandora seems to not have this issue.

I was traveling and set Pandora to "offline" mode. Since that time it only plays the thumbs up version of the station. I did switch back to the on-line mode after traveling.

How do you suggest that I remedy this issue?

Additional information:

It is only an issue on stations that I downloaded prior to my flight. I did reinstall the app but still have the same issue


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Community Manager
Community Manager

@Lehmann22 What are the names of the stations this is currently happening with?

Additionally, can you please try reproducing this issue and send me a screenshot of what you are seeing?

(Please note you won't be able to attach images via email - you will need to open this Community link in a web browser in order to provide attachments)

Thanks for working with me on this.

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