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iOS: Playback stops after ad when using Bluetooth

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Never had a problem like this before. I use Pandora on Bluetooth & it plays fine in my car for one song. Then it plays one commercial (I don't have a subscription) & then silence. Endless silence. I get a message that my station will be right back. And it never comes back. 

I go to my phone itself and see Bluetooth is enabled, car play is automatic in the Pandora app & I have no idea what happened & why I have no ability to play Pandora in my car.

I've deleted the Pandora app & reinstalled it. I've rebooted my phone and nothing changes. 

Can anyone help? Thank you, so very much!

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Hi @corinnespina! Sorry for any trouble! Looks like you've already tried uninstalling and reinstalling. Have you tried reconnecting your Bluetooth connection? If not, I would try reconnecting to see if it will help.

Otherwise, I'm happy to pass this along to our engineering team. Can you let me know some details about phone:

  • make and model:
  • Pandora version:
  • iOS version:

Let me know if you need any help finding that information!

Tanner | Community Moderator

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