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Artists: Need help placing my music into a genre


I have listen to my music and I am so close to it, I don't know who I may sound like or fit on a station with. Please listen to Guy Kayton's album These Kings and let me know your opinion of who you think it sounds like. If you give a me a some great recommendations I will be happy to send you a CD of These Kings. Thanks!!!


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Diamond in the Rough

I listened to a few songs on your website and they are clearly singer-songwriter style, as you state in your bio (so you apparently are aware of your genre), and the vocals reminds me a bit of Leonard Cohen.  The lyrics aren't of Cohen's quality, but they're solid for singer-songwriter songs, and probably people who like Cohen would not mind if a few of your better ones were in a mix with his and some other great singer-songwriters like (and you don't sound like these people but they would be a good mix with Cohen songs) Tracy Chapman, Suzanne Vega, Bob Dylan, etc.  You might also mix in some old-time blues singers, people like Blind Lemon Jefferson, leadbelly, Lightin' Hopkins, etc.  There's a bit of your voice that in a vague way is reminiscent of singers like that (but obviously without that timeless power those voices had and your songs are not blues, but I believe a few songs like that would mix in well).  Don't have much use for CDs these days but best of luck!


Thanks so much for taking the time to listen. I really appreciate your feedback!


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Hey @SwampGK 👋

It looks like our Curation team has finished preparing your music for radio playback so you can now create a station based off of your music! You can check it out here.

Since your music is live on radio now, there are some Similar Artists that the Music Genome Project matched you up with. Do you feel like it's accurate?

Let me know! 🎧

Chris | Friendly Neighborhood AMP Support