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Playback 2022: End of year stats

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End of year wrap up like Spotify

When will the Playback 2022 be available?

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I’m switching

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My opinion probably doesn't mean as much as a relatively new free user, but I can't believe this. I have used Pandora as it had a much more bearable amount of ads and worked better with my car's software compared to Spotify, but this alone is tempting me to purchase Spotify premium and switch over. If there are no further updates on this it's pretty safe to say I won't be here in 2023.

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I now have another reason to switch to Spotify, Pandora just keeps giving me more and more.

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Super Boo. I echo the sentiments of so many others who kinda wish I was using Spotify instead.

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They took it away

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Unsubscribed today. Good riddance

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Big oof, Pandora. I've exclusively used this platform since 2009 back when it was more about a music genome project, and even went to monthly premium $$ around 2018. I don't like Spotify. Full stop. But I may like them now.

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Why would they take away Pandora wrapped? It's something people look forward too that every other streaming service offers.

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That is probably the only thing that you could have got rid of that would be stupid. I love Pandora and I wanna know how many times that I listen to songs and how many hours I have listened to music. Prolly switching to Spotify now.

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This is really disappointing. I never subscribed to a streaming service until the start of this year. Simply because none of them "got" my taste in music - I've tried them all. Their algorithms didn't work for me & were extremely frustrating so I made my own playlists & just listened that way. And then I tried Pandora & I was absolutely delighted!! I signed up for a family plan - my whole family loves it. I was super excited to finally have the stats to share on my socials this year - because I finally used a streaming service like everyone else!!! - & just to see for myself what I'd been really into throughout the year. It sounds like this has been an existing Pandora feature for many years. Did someone delete your code to generate it? I mean....

I'm sure some higher up decided to cut corners & this didn't matter to him. Idk sounds like that was a really bad money decision based on the comments in this thread. I hope someone in the company had this on this desk, maybe reads the thread to him personally. I feel that subscribers deserve an explanation of why a beloved feature has been discontinued at the very least.

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BOOOOO that's so lame. Why take away something so great?

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Why would this no longer be available? I've literally been looking forward to it all year 😭 I don't want to go to Spotify so bring it back please.

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but why 😞

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Are you trying to make pandora even worse?

pandora won’t cast to Alexa. Now it cancels end of year review. Why should I keep paying for a subscription?

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The only thing that has always kept me from moving to another service like Spotify is that there's no way to port my carefully-crafted stations that I listen to nearly every day.

There's one station in particular that I've been curating and tweaking since July of *2009*, with thousands and thousands of thumbs up/down ratings. That station always plays stuff I enjoy, even stuff I've never heard before, and virtually never plays anything I don't like.
I would miss that station dearly if I went to another service, but the way Pandora is hemorrhaging customers and dropping features, I may have to.

I've been a paying Pandora customer for close to FIFTEEN YEARS. This effing stinks.


Why would this be discontinued?

Spotify is over there raking in all the publicity as people share their 2022 stats...


Watching all of my friends post their Spotify Rewind, while I'm over here waiting for the first week of December and the Pandora playback to post.

Then I start seeing things around the web that this has been discontinued. Why would this be discontinued?

Spotify is basically dominating all of the social media channels with everyone posting their stats and now for the first time we can't?

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I don't know who's decision it was to cancel, but terrible for user engagement and retention.

I'm switching if I don't see a recap this month

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I don't understand how this would benefit anyone to tell you the truth. It's literally free advertising for your platform when your users share their year with Pandora's big logo up top. No one complains about free advertisement - yet here you are shooting yourselves in the foot. How was this not thought out?

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Sad that this got taken off if it does not come back I will sadly be switching platforms it was such a great feature that most people looked for at the end of the year and since it’s gone I will be switching