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Playback 2022: End of year stats

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End of year wrap up like Spotify

When will the Playback 2022 be available?

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This is my first post on here but pandora should really take note of all these posts. I have been using pandora for over 10 years. I have struck with pandora for so long even though many features took a long time to be added or are still no longer present. I really enjoy the stations I’ve been listening to for a decade but I’m not sure if I can justify the cost compared to other options.

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Apple , Spotify , YouTube have it why couldn’t y’all keep it,???? I wanted to know what my top song was.

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Premium listener here....guess I'll be forced to make the dreaded jump to Spotify. Pandora's loss.

 I'm done, moving to Spotify!


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I’ve had Pandora since I was a freshman in college. I’m 35 now. It **ahem** to lose all my stations, but this is where I finally draw the line. See ya later, Pandora.


User since 2006. I scrobbled my Pandora plays to, back when that was a thing. It saddens me that the OG streaming music service, one that has provided me with so many awesome recommendations over the years, seems to be floundering on user experience and satisfaction.

I'm not leaving. Yet. But I am disappointed.

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"...I have a suspicion that the person(s) who owned this feature have either left the company..."

Can confirm. I'm married to her.

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Girl, bye. 🤪


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THIS IS VERY DISAPPOINTING!!!! Please bring this feature back ASAP. 😞 Guess this cements my move over to Spotify ugh.

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May I ask why? Or is there a way I can see my most played song? Or my most played artist? Or anything???

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This is so disappointing, I was looking forward to this all year. As trivial as it may seem, clearly this feature means a lot to people. A way to reflect over your year and who were that year through music. I left Spotify for Pandora and I’m really wishing I hadn’t now.

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This is terrible. Time to switch to Spotify.

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Very disappointed in this decision. You will lose a lot of long time subscribers as a result of this poor strategy and tone-deaf decision.

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What do we need to do to get Pandora to bring back Playback year-in-review???


Why has there been no response or explanation from Pandora about this?

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Can we get an explanation as to why this has been discontinued

I have been using pandora for nearly 10 years and have been looking forward to seeing my listening statistics. Seeing all my peers posting their Spotify Wrapped, I had been telling them how excited I was to see mine from Pandora, which usually haven't been available until December, and now I have to eat my words. I, as well as many others, have defended Pandora over other streaming platforms and we don't want to switch to a new platform, but after finding out about this decision, majority of the people on this thread are switching to Spotify, Apple Music, etc. Even YouTube Music has a version of providing these stats to their listeners.

Can you please let us know why the annual review has been discontinued and if a similar feature will be released?

Thanks for coming to my TedTalk!

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When will we be able to see the 2022 playback


Any updates for us? @CMFGAR

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I've been paying for 3 years now, if We don't get some sort of end of year feature I will make this my last month as a paying customer.

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@jessicaireneSadly no not yet. I did call back today and they said that the case was escalated over to a Pandora rep and that rep will reach out to me. I assume I won't receive a response until Monday bc nobody works weekends. They also said that the Pandora rep will likely be able to explain some stuff thats going on but SiriusXM can't do anything because Pandora operates as a different entity still. Im certainly not giving up on this and will try my best to get to the bottom of it. Hopefully I'll be able to give everyone a better update on Monday.

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I echo this. I’ll add: I actively get mocked for using pandora & them dropping this feature to me says pandora isn’t interested in keeping up with the market’s expectations