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Unable to log in on TV, I hit enter nothing happens

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I’ve been a long time Pandora user. I moved to a new city And I’m programming a smart TV for the first time. I went through all the sign-ups an email and password protocol, and now I’m trying to login for the first time.

The system is stopped at login. I have my email account and password in the fields the login field is lit up when I hit enter nothing happens. Help?


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@Welcome2021  at the very bottom of this page you will see options, to the far right you will see the help option, just click on that and you can go from there. I wish you the best. Take care and stay safe. 

P.S If you want your system diagnostically checked then here is the link.  Pandora - Troubleshooting Diagnostic it will inform you what problems you are having. Be safe. 



@Welcome2021 I took a look and it does appear that you were able to successfully access your account shortly after posting this on the Community.

Let me know if you are still running into issues with this.

Adam | Community Moderator

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