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Android: Adjusting Explicit Filter Setting

Local Performer

After noticing several explicit songs slipping through I thought that maybe I had accidentally turned off the setting. I went to check but now I can't even find the setting anywhere. 


mod edit: changed title for clarity

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey, @M0678morgan. 👋

Thanks for your post. You can set the explicit filter either on the web or from your Android device. I've included the steps below.

Explicit Filter Settings:

Enabling this filter will limit Pandora to playing music that could play on daytime broadcast radio. Note that this can only be applied to the entire account and not specific stations. Also, it doesn't apply to podcasts. You can identify podcasts with explicit language by a red "E" label in the episode title.

  • To set the filter on your Android device, first open the Pandora app and go to the Profile tab. Next tap on the Settings gear and then Account.
  • Once you are in the account screen, you can change the Allow Explicit Content to off to filter explicit content (toggle on if you wish to allow explicit content).
  • Once set, this will restrict explicit content for that account on all devices.


If you're noticing explicit songs while you have the filter on, we can report those here: Explicit Content filter is not working

When reporting songs, it's helpful to know the following so we can report this accurately to our team on your behalf: 

The next time this happens, please thumb down the explicit track(s), and make sure to grab a screenshot(s) of the now playing screen.

Once that is done, can you please follow up with the requested info below?

  • The device you are using to stream Pandora:
  • The name of the station where this occurred:
  • The name(s) of the artist(s):
  • The title(s) of the explicit track(s):
  • Confirmation that you were able to give the explicit track(s) a Thumbs down:
  • Were you listening using a Pandora Mode like Crowd Faves, Discovery or Deep Cuts?:
  • A screenshot of the explicit track that plays on your station

I hope this information is helpful. 🎧

Alyssa | Community Manager
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