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Android: App opens to same default station not last listened to

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I've gone through the app settings and I'm not seeing a way to change the default station, nor how to just have it go to the last station listened to (like it used to do), nor how to just have it not open a station but to put me on my stations list so I can tap the one I want.


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I use auto-play but everytime i start pandora it plays 1 specific station even though its not the last station i was listening to when i closed it. 

Im having the same issue. Everytime i open it doesnt auto-play the last station i was listening to. Im using a Galaxy s20 5g. 


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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi there, @Sdunn2387. 👋

Thanks for your post on the Pandora Community. To keep everything organized, I moved your post over to this existing Android thread: App Opens to Same Default Station instead of Last Station Listened to

Please check out the accepted solution for this thread.

Let us know if you continue to have trouble after clearing the app data. 📲

Alyssa | Community Manager
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