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Android: Notifications Each Time the Song Changes

Local Performer

Everytime I open the app or when the song changes my phone while either chime or vibrate depending on how I have my phone set. I've already turned off all my notifications. How do I fix that?


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Whatever the hell it is you trying to do with this post, it doesn't work. And no matter what settings you choose on android, this bull**ahem** thing keeps popping up

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Local Performer

I can't find the music player section on the app. Help! The notifications are bugging me sooooooo much!

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi, @Raticle111. 👋

Sorry to hear that you're having trouble with this. Per, @bob23's solution here, you should be able to disable this feature using the following steps:


You'll need to find App Notifications: 

  • Tap the 'Music Player' section in the screenshot above (not the toggle, but the words)
  • Enable 'Show notifications'
  • Choose 'Alert' (instead of Silent)
  • Disable 'Show as pop-up'
  • For 'Sound' choose Silent
  • Turn off 'Vibrate' 'Blink light' and 'App icon badges'
  • 'Lock screen' set to Show content

I hope this information is helpful. 🎧

Alyssa | Community Manager
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