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Android: Now Playing Lock Screen Display

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Hello, I've had the Pandora app for years and I've always had a "now playing" type banner in my status bar of my phone and my lock screen. I recently deleted and reinstalled Pandora and now that is gone and I can't figure out how to add it back. Any help? I have an LG thinq8 phone. Thank you!


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Local Performer

I have a Galaxy 22 plus. I have music enabled for my lock screen, but the Pandora widget isn't showing up on my lock screen. I feel like I've looked through every setting, but I can't figure it out. Any help would be awesome! Thank you! 

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Pandora Moderator - Emeritus
Pandora Moderator - Emeritus

Hi @C_O_R_I, Thanks for sharing!

I've moved your post to this existing thread: Android: Now Playing Lock Screen Display 

If not already, I would recommend visiting your lock screen preference settings, and make sure you have notifications set to “Show all notification content" for Pandora.

In addition, widgets will disappear and become inoperable if installed to the SD card. You will need to keep the app installed to the phone's local memory and the widget should work fine.

Hope this helps, let me know what you find out! :pandora:


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