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Android: 'Pandora Keeps Stopping' Error Message

Local Performer

App crashes whenever I try playing downloaded podcast episodes and either turn my phone off, or even press the home button.

Works fine for playing playlists and albums but almost never podcasts without crashing literally dozens and dozens of times.

I've tried clearing the cache, all data, reinstalling the app, and even factory resetting my phone. There's no power saving on and nothing preventing the app from running in the background.

I've seen others post about this and you always respond with the same advice which seems to help no one. If this isn't resolved shortly, I'm leaving Pandora after all these years and jumping ship to Spotify or someone else.

Even your website has made me type this out 4 different times now.

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Local Performer

**ahem**, finally this site took this post.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi, @Demnos7. 👋

Thanks for your message, and sorry to hear that you're having trouble. Looks like your post got caught in one of our filters. 

Would you mind posting a screenshot of that exact error message?

 Can you send over a bit more info about your device?

  • Model: Samsung Galaxy S21
  • Carrier:
  • Android version (Settings > About Phone):
  • Pandora version:
    • If you can open Pandora, go to Profile, then select Settings. Scroll to the bottom of the screen for the version number.
    • If you can't open Pandora: from Android Home screen > Android Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > Find Pandora
  • Are you connected to Wi-Fi or cellular data when this is happening?
  • Does this happen with any podcast? Or, specific podcasts?
  • Also, are you in Offline Mode when this happens?

Thanks for your help with this. 🎧

Alyssa | Community Manager
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having exact same problem; went through the same troubleshooting steps as OP.

  • Model: Motorola Z4
  • Carrier:  (really?) -- AT&T and on wifi
  • Android version (Settings > About Phone): 10
  • Pandora version:  2308.1.1
  • Are you connected to Wi-Fi or cellular data when this is happening?:  both
  • Does this happen with any podcast? Or, specific podcasts? don't have podcast, just trying to access offline for my four stations
  • Also, are you in Offline Mode when this happens? can't go to offline since it says I haven't finished downloading stations yet (been saying that for days)


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Hi @michaelmail2412 Welcome to community.

Sounds like your experience is a bit different. Based on your post, your offline stations won't finish downloading versus receiving an error message or playback stopping.

Can you do me a favor and share a screenshot off the Offline tab from your Settings. You can find the Offline tab by tapping on Profile > Settings > Offline.

The easiest way to include a screenshot/photo on community is from a web or mobile browser. You won't be able to include a photo when through the email notification.

Thanks for your help with this.

Tanner | Community Moderator

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