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Offline Content with New Mobile Device

Local Performer

I am getting ready to get a new phone. Everytime I do so I lose all of my downloaded music.  Is there anyway to keep all my downloaded music amd transfer to my new phone without having to go and redo hundreds of songs ? 

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Hi @Dabearman85! Welcome to community!

The tracks you download for offline listening live within the Pandora app on your device. If you switch devices or purchase a new device, you'll have to re-download any offline content you'd like to listen to on the new device. It's not possible to transfer your offline music collection to another device. 

The best way to get ideas or feedback like this heard is by submitting a feature request on the Pandora Community. There you can search and vote for current feature requests, or submit a new one. 

To learn about the process, check out Community's How Do Requests Become Features? article.

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